We Come To Your Home

Listening to our clients, we introduce activities that they wish to engage in, and at their own pace. Our tool kit is varied - from art to crafting poetry, writing life stories, moving in ways that feel good, from dance to chair yoga, or just plain speaking heart to heart.

Not sure if we can help? Call us at 250-208-8813. First visit is free, and our rates are reasonable.

What is dance therapy?
Listen to an interview with Sepora Mayim
by Tyler Rowe, Village 900, Applied Communication Program, Camosun College 

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Healing Through Doing

Illness, disability, isolation can rob people of their faith in themselves and their future. We help people recover their values, interests and enthusiasms by doing and enjoying what is possible in their circumstances.


A short video of Sepora Mayim demonstrating her work as a dance therapist (January 2016).


A new poetry chapbook by Isa Milman and published by Leaf Press.

When we first met, Christine was already having trouble with everything we expect our brains to do: make sense of the world around us and make us fully sensate human beings. …She'd always been a lover of poetry, so perhaps we could write poems together.

                      …I feel it here, you say
hugging your belly, I know something's happening
when I feel it here
            a page loosening, a fragment momentarily

visible.   It gives me hope, you say.